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Locking in a builder.

Locking in a builder.

Questions to ask.

Who do you build for?

Builders tend to work with certain home buyers. They could concentrate on first time buyers, those upgrading, to architect/custom designed or even luxury. Remember, a high-end builder probably isn’t the best choice for a budget home and vice versa.


Where do you build?

Like home buyers some builders have a preference for working in the north, south, east or west. So before you spend too much time deciding if they are right for you, make sure they won’t mind commuting to where you want to build.


Do you have an architectural style?

Just as builders work for different markets, they can also have a favourite style. If you have a style in mind, ask if they build that. Or, more to the point, ask how many homes they have already built in that particular design.


Can I see references?

You can read reviews online but also ask for references. Even better, ask if they have past customers you can speak to about the workmanship and standard of service they received. Reputable builders won’t mind at all.


Is the company doing well?

Okay, it’s hard to ask about financial security. So instead, you can always enlist an online agency to prepare a credit reference.


Do you have energy efficient suggestions?

Builders have to meet the 6 star rating for homes, but some go over and above that. Have the conversation with your builder about sustainable options. But do this early on, before any work has been done or materials ordered.


How do you work?

Will you have the same project manager/site supervisor throughout the build? Will it be the same crew? Think about how you’d like to work with your builder and then ask if that is how they do things. That way you’ll both be on the same page.