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A rich history.

A rich history.

This stunning area has been home to generations of families. Here are just some of its settlers and what they brought to the region.

For thousands of years, this was home to the Wurundjeri Willum clan. In fact, they named this area ‘Wollert”. They were the keepers of the land who preserved its natural beauty including the ancient River Red Gums that still stand throughout this region.

In 1836 following European settlement, the birds and other native animals were also joined by sheep, with the land having been acquired as a pastoral lease under the control of John Pike and later, Charles Campbell.

Around 1853, Robert Mason surveyed the area and divided it into smaller farms. This was called the Medlands Estate and comprised of blocks of 70 to 331 acres. This expanse of land extended north from Boundary Road, for almost two miles, and from Darebin Creek westwards to the Summerhill Homestead of Thomas Wilson, an Irish doctor. At this point, Wollert switched from sheep grazing to a dairy farming community. This continued until the 1960s.

Soldiers returning from the Second World War also impacted the area. In fact, in the 1940s, several large Wollert Properties were purchased by the Soldier Settlement Commission to help returning servicemen buy their own small farms. The scheme ended in 1961.

Today, the tradition of community continues with Wollert Rise and families like yours moving to enjoy life here on nature’s doorstep.